About Central Protection
Staying safe in today’s world isn’t what it used to be.

The world’s changed, and so have threats to your community. Defending your property requires a new class of security
services. Central Protection is at the cutting edge of the industry protection, with safety programs specifically designed for
today’s world. We believe that nothing less than the highest-quality security officers and technology can help you stay a
few steps ahead of risks. Central Protection is a new breed of protectors.  

What We Do
Central Protection leading security services 24/7 where you need us. We specialize in residential security and 24/7 in-
house dispatch.

The Central Protection Difference
There’s no other company just like Central Protection. Continuous improvement is one of our core values, and we believe
in setting higher standards for service levels than anyone else in our business. Our employees are trained rigorously, and
incentivized to routinely exceed your expectations with a generous performance bonus structure. This commitment to
excellence isn’t easy, but it’s why we have a record of low employee turnover and stellar client satisfaction.
Most importantly, we believe that our job is to listen. We build our program’s to fit your community or organization’s unique
needs, and we don’t stop there. Our plans are continually improved to stay one step ahead of risks on our fast-changing
world. Central Protection’s management team is hands-on, and committed to helping our officers better serve your
community. Your suggestion, and our own commitment to continual improvement, is what make up the Central Protection
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